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Presenter Experience



  1. An individual who provides information on an experience or expertise to a group of people.
  2. All sessions will be expected to have at least one person acting as presenter. 
  3. Speaker/talk sessions, panels, and some educational workshops will feature presenters.


  1. Any individual who facilitates others’ learning by engaging the audience and propagating discussion or insight with other presenters.
  2. Some speaker and most workshop events will feature co-presenters. 


  1. An individual providing insight on an expert topic with a group of other individuals in a free form, open, and engaging environment. 
  2. Panels will rely primarily on panelists, but can expand to presenter and co-presenter rules if facilitation requires this.

Types of Sessions

Each session is a 45 minute block. 

All sessions will consist of two or more leaders, unless you are approved to lead solo based on past experience.  Each presenter will be expected to be fully prepared to thoroughly present on their topic as well as submit well-researched proposals. 

Panel: This requires panelists to sit as a group and answer pre-formed questions and day-of questions presented by the audience. This requires on-the-spot thinking, comfort with larger groups, as well as leadership experience in life and around campus to draw upon for your answers.

Speaker: You should feel comfortable presenting with the undivided attention of a crowd, and have a unique experience to draw upon. It requires the ability to generalize your experiences to impact an entire audience while keeping it personal and impactful. 

Educational Workshop: These sessions will be guided by an activity or interactive presentation to help attendees grow in a specific area or to help attendees work on a specific topic. An outline of the activity will be required for approval. Educational workshops will require presenter/facilitator to integrate all generated responses while also keeping to the allotted time. Presenters/facilitators will be required to stick to the schedule utilizing redirection of the conversation smoothly to highlight all key points as well as to adjust the pace to account for the majority of the audience.

Facilitated Discussion: In a facilitated discussion, the presenter prepares a topic and attendees must meet a certain criteria or interest (e.g., shared experience, common identity, etc). The attendees then direct the conversation as the facilitator keeps discussion civil and meaningful, introducing questions or relevant information when necessary. 


Applications will consist of an online form aimed at assessing (1) the quality and originality of an applicant’s proposed session and their (2) relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities regarding both their proposal and their facilitation ability. 

Please consider the following in preparation for application submission.  The following are expected to be included in the application: 

  1. Session Details 
  2. Session Abstract 
  3. Presenter Details 
  4. Personal Qualification and Experiences 
  5. Agreement and Conduct Form 
  6. Letter of Recommendation (For Solo Presenters) 

Session Details

  • Session Title 
  • Session Type [Panel, Speaker, Workshop, Facilitated Discussion]
  • Session Topic [list of topics, TBD]
  • Session Description/Abstract (N/A for panelist) 
  • Session Outcome(s) (N/A for panelist) 
  • Session Audiences (N/A for panelist)
  • Presentation A/V 
  • Attach any draft materials for presentation notes (optional)

Session Abstract 

  • Introduction of Topic 
  • Brief Explanation of Topic Choice and Impact

Presenter Details

  • Presenter Name 
  • University Name
  • Year in School 
  • Major
  • Email
  • Phone number 
  • Other presenter information that presenter would like to share 

Presenter Qualifications and Questions

  • Describe what your ideal session looks like? Consider the following: 
    • What is the level of audience interaction? 
    • How do you interact with the audience or manage the session? 
    • What does the audience leave with (either physically or intellectually)?  
  • What facilitation or public speaking experience do you have?
  • What relevant experiences or qualifications do you have related to the topic?
  • What makes this topic important to you? What makes this topic important for the Chicago student leader community? 

Presenter Agreement (Checklist, all required) 

  • I have read the Call for Sessions Overview on the CULC website.
  • My presentation team will provide an educational experience that is inclusive of all attendees unless explicitly explained in the programming summary.
  • I will share all CULC communication with my co-presenters (if applicable).
  • All members of this presentation team will be registered attendees of the selected 2020 conference.
  • I will provide program materials for approval to the CULC Planning Team by March 13, 2020. 
  • I understand that providing printed materials is the responsibility of my presentation team.
  • If requesting an LCD projector, this presentation team will provide its own laptop and any adapters needed to connect through HDMI/VGA.
  • My presentation team will allow time for the CULC evaluation process, administered by CULC volunteers. 
  • I am aware that no schedule or program changes will be made after April 10, 2020. 
  • I am aware that a copy of my presentation will need to be submitted by April 10, 2020; after this date any changes will be dependant on you to bring 
  • I am open to participate in advertising such that my name and session being showcased on, but not limited to, advertising materials (ex: flyer, pamphlets, website) as well as social media platforms. 


These expectations will be the standard at which we will hold presenters to throughout their time with the conference. 

  • Have experience presenting in front of a group
  • Have leadership experience in the field of discussion
  • Encourage participants to think / work differently
  • Go beyond the basics because most students you will be speaking to are already experienced leaders
  • Provide an educational experience that is inclusive of all attendees, unless explicitly explained in the programming summary
  • Provide concepts/resources for participants that they can, with hard work, put into action
  • Your program proposal, content, and delivery should be intentionally designed to be relevant to the audience. 
  • Do not use the time on anything unessential to the learning experience. 
  • Type of session / program expectations
    • Panel 
      • Panelists are expected to develop their own questions as well as receive audience questions as members of the panel will be required to facilitate the moderating of the event.
    • Speaker 
      • Speakers will be provided with a USB cord, television or projector, and laptop if needed.  However, personal laptops are preferred. Please ensure that your laptop has a working HDMI port. 
      • If you have pamphlets or workshops that needed to be printed prior in bulk, please reach out at least a month in advance with a standard PDF or JPG form as well as the number of copies requested.  If you submit this information with less than a month to the conference, we cannot ensure that these materials will be present for the conference. You are always welcome to bring your own printed materials! 
    • Workshop
      • If additional materials are required, the presenter will be expected to purchase their own material for attendees; a cap attendance can be arranged.  Pens, paper, and tape can be provided by CULC within reason. 
      • Workshops may be evaluated or modified if safety is concerned. 
    • Facilitated Discussion 
      • The facilitator is expected to bring their own questions and serve as a neutral moderator with facilitation as the highest priority. 
      • If additional materials are required, the facilitator will be expected to purchase their own material for attendees; a cap attendance can be arranged; a cap attendance can be arranged.  Pens, paper, and tape can be provided by CULC within reason. 
      • If discussion requires presentation or use of online resources, please submit this information along with your proposal for peruse.  
      • If presentation and use of online resources are present, a USB cord, television or projector, and laptop will be made available.  However, personal laptops are preferred. Please make sure that the laptop has an HDMI cord. 


Selection of candidates will be made by a Review Committee consisting of CULC team members and Educational Partners (with final approval from LA Program Manager and Executive Director) during the month of January. For a rigorous selection process, every application will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. These reviewers will then make a final recommendation which will be sent to the Executive Director and Program Manager for approval. 

After your submission of the application, we will notify you when we have received the application and final decisions on selection.  If you are interested in leading and/or serving on a panel, please note that you will be responsible for bringing together a team in a timely manner, a date will be specified in the final decision email.  Please feel free to email us with updates of your application, have any questions, or would like any further information. Best of luck, and we look forward to receiving your application!