Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CULC 2020 has been canceled please see the following link for more information


How much is registeration?

$20.00 USD

Where can I submit my document if the submission form is not working?

You may email it to culc.iit@gmail.com in PDF format.

One of the requirements for the CULC submission guidelines is to have references for my session. What if my session is mostly anecdotal and I do not use any kind of data?

While anecdotal stories are fine, they are still required to have some empirical support. For example, anecdotal stories might discuss the importance of core values or the power of authenticity. Both of those topics have a wealth of research and support from successful individuals. Citing research or authoritative individuals is a way to substantiate and bolster claims-making for a more effective and engaging presentation.  While anecdotal presentations may have fewer citations than others, they are still required to have some research to support the talk.

When submitting presentation slides, would you prefer a PDF or powerpoint file? Can I bring a flash drive the day of conference for backup?

Please email us a pdf version of the final presentation at least a week in advance, this way if there are technical issues we can provide a backup. You may bring a flash drive in addition to emailing us a backup

Can we receive personalized feedback on our submission? 

Yes, if you want personalized feedback please email us your availability and we will find a time to give personalized feedback on your session submission. We want to make sure our presenters are prepared and feel comfortable before the conference for a great experience. .

As the event has been getting closer I have been becoming more nervous about presenting in front of a large crowd by myself. If there is a panel I could join?

If there is a panel on a similar topic, then it may be possible for you to join that panel. Please email us and we will work it out.

If I am anticipating presenting with slides, should I bring my own laptop or will I be able to use a flash drive/Google drive link?

Please bring your own laptop, and make sure your laptop has an HDMI connection port.  In case we have WiFi connection issues, it would be best to have your slides saved to your desktop (or a flash drive) in addition to Google Drive.  If you are converting google slides to powerpoint to save to your desktop/flash drive, make sure to double check the powerpoint converted correctly.

Two of our presenters do not seem to be registered. Should we email them to remind them to pay the registration fee or just let them pay day-of?

Please contact them right away or let us know and we will contact them.

Where exactly will the conference will take place. 

The conference will take place at Illinois Tech’s downtown campus.

Can I borrow a laptop for tomorrow’s event?

We highly encourage you to bring your own device.  However, if you do not have a laptop or there are other circumstances, you can borrow a laptop. Just let us know ahead of time and make sure to bring a USB flash drive and have a Google Drive backup ready. We will get the laptop setup and everything should run smoothly!