Welcome and thank you for joining us for the 2nd Annual Chicago Undergraduate Leadership Conference! While we always appreciate our presenters, participants, and volunteers, the challenge of COVID-19 makes your participation this year even more memorable. CULC was designed to create a space where the change-makers of tomorrow could meet to share ideas, push boundaries, and build a network of leaders in the Chicagoland area. Although we are meeting virtually this year, our mission remains the same. 

I want to personally thank the organizing board for remaining focused, strong and positive amidst the greatest challenge we have faced to date. When the appropriate decision was made to change the conference format, the board acted swiftly and came together as a group to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Their work has led to the successful implementation of an online conference in the face of a global pandemic.

I also want to give a special thanks to all of our esteemed presenters. After receiving the news of the drastic change, the presenters worked diligently to modify their original material into research papers and video content while juggling the unpredictability of the times. Without these leaders, this conference would not be possible.

Finally, I want to thank you. Joining us today may seem like a small act, but effective leadership starts small. It starts with intentionally seeking out and engaging with other leaders who can guide, inspire, critique, and grow with you. As you read through and listen to this year’s presenters, we hope that you are motivated by their work to build on your own foundation of leadership, pursue new connections, and share your experiences with others. 

Please take the time to share your thoughts on the conference with us and to reach out if you have any questions or are interested in being involved with CULC. Thank you again and enjoy the conference!

Thank you,
Jacob Wilcox
CULC Chairman of the Board

The 2020 Presentations can be found here.

Be the Leader of Tomorrow

The Chicago Undergraduate Leadership Conference is an annual gathering of the most motivated and passionate undergraduates in Chicago.

This day-long conference happens once a year and brings together the changemakers of tomorrow.

This professional-style conference is built around sessions in which undergraduate teach and faciliate original research, TED-style talks, and workshops for other undergraduates.

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Attending means coming to our one-day conference on the historic campus of Illinois Tech on April 18.

Attending the conference is a great way to learn and build connections with students from around Chicago.

Presenting means coming up with our own research, thought paper, or workshop and presenting at our conference.

Presenters also participate in pre-conference training sessions with feedback and enjoy a luncheon with our keynote speaker.

In addition to people who come to our conference, we partner with educators, undergraduate campus leaders, and professional student affairs staff.

Partnership means participating in meetings with our planning team, helping market the conference to undergraduates, and helping read presenter applications.

The core of this movement is a collaborate team of undergraduates who want to make a difference.

We are always looking for volunteers to help on the day of the conference and people to help market the conference, plan logistics, and build our network of partners.

We are here to do one thing:

Make the leaders of tomorrow

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